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It has been brought to my attention that some little idiot kid named tnucAmi
is impersonating me over at the WADS in Progress website! I would like to stress that this is NOT me, and he is doing this without my permission to post! I apologize to anyone he's offended while doing this, and would like to stress again that he is NOT ME. Please do not let his poor behavior reflect on me or my levels.

id Software's Doom has been probably my all time favorite game since it was released in 1993. Since that time, it is a rare month indeed that I do not play Doom. GZDoom is a full 3D accelerated version of Doom with awesome enhancements like wide-screen support, 5.1 sound, light sources, rooms above rooms, and just about anything else you could want!

Sadly, there are far too few Doom WADs that actually take full advantage of these enhancements. I hope to post my own levels, as well as any I can find that take full advantage of the enhancements in GZDoom.


It's about dang time to release "The Island!" This is my second level pack, this time completely new from my own brain and built in the grand style of Serious Sam. Fight your way across a beautiful island and into otherworldly dreamscapes as you attempt to rid one more corner of earth of the demon menace! This is one huge file, and it needs a beefy computer to run it! If you want maximum details, you'll need at least an Nvidia GeForce 9600, which is what the levels were designed on. I did make selectable detail levels, and even a low-res version of the maps, so most folks should be able to run the levels one way or another.

The Island
The starting area. Look at those graphics! Can vanilla Doom do this? Can Zdoom do this? No way, only GZDoom has the power to render visuals like this!

The Island Swamp
Deep into a murky swamp. This area is eerily quiet, with quick bursts of demonic attack as you lurch your way through the muck.

Watch a full playthrough right here in 1080p HD! I skipped most secrets for the run.

Download The Island now! NOW!!!
Full on, awesome resolution and mega detail version! (110MB) GeForce 8600 or better. This new version is updated to work with 3.5.1 and newer versions of GZDoom.
The "I need a new computer." edition. (47MB) No promises, but it should work on more modest systems. The wooden stairs will be the sticking point. This version is updated to work with 3.5.1 and newer versions of GZDoom.
Like the combat song? Get the full thing here! (8.8MB)


My first level in 15 years, "Redux E2M4" is a remake of Doom 1's E2M4, my favorite map of the original Doom. I think it was maybe the spooky music or something, but I played this level a TON and truly felt like it was a real place. This remake attempts to enhance the level as far as I can take it with my harmonica skills. You'll need a beefy computer to run this! At least a GeForce 6600 and a 2GHZ Pentium IV! Requires Doom 2 IWAD and GZDoom 1.4.6 or later.

The Indoor Bio
This park is all indoors and is fertilized with recycled nuclear waste! Note the use of particle grass and trees, which is a first for GZDoom, as far as I know.

Teleporter machinery swirls and hums as the pad awaits far above. Note the use of dynamic lighting instead of Doom's static sector lighting, which gives the scene a more realistic feel.

Download Redux E2M4 for GZDoom now! (15.4Mb) This version is updated to work with GZDoom 3.5.1 and newer.



Have you made a cool Doom WAD that takes advantage of GZDoom? Show it to me and if it's good, I'll host it here! I'd like to have a repository for REALLY GOOD GZDoom WADs on the net, since I haven't been able to find one anywhere when I've been lookin'.

I really love GZDoom WADs that extensively change up the look and feel of Doom, and City of the Damned: Apocalypse is just such a WAD. Made by Tormentor667, it replaces Doom's weapons, textures and monsters with ones from Blood. This is a strangely effective concept, and it is very well done here. It positively oozes spooky atmosphere that chills you to the bone as you creep through the cursed and bloodied streets. Lots and lots of GZDoom features are used throughout, which makes it extra cool looking. The level is huge, with lots to explore, and an actual story, which is unusual for Doom.

The City of
                  the Damned: Apocalypse
Start of the game, looking into the forest that will lead you to the cursed city.

The City of
                  the Damned: Apocalypse
This lonely church holds a dark secret and a frustratingly confusing puzzle.

Download City of the Damned: Apocalypse now! (24.4MB)


This one is called BGPA Missions : Liberation, and was made by Enjay. Enjay has been an immeasurable help to me in learning modern level design within Doom. His levels are also what inspired me to make my levels in the first place, so I owe him quite a bit. He's a genuinely nice guy and a mapping wizard!

I don't really get the back story of this WAD...something about it being inspired by a real life adventure game some of his friends partook in or something. What I can tell you is it is a fun set of levels with lots of GZDoom enhancements like true rooms above rooms, 3D models everywhere, and a great soundtrack taken from Medal of Honor.

There is lots of scripting and level altering techniques at play here, and the levels are a blast to play. Warning though, they are HARD! I played this on easy mode and STILL had to creep and save to survive! Those Incas are vicious!

Enjay's BGPA
Approaching a bunker

Enjay's BGPA
A view of one of the skylines in the level. I love the clever design that makes this feel like a real place.

Download BGPA Missions: Liberation
now! (40.4 Mb)


OK, Tormentor667 is an awesome mapper. In fact, I'm very jealous of his abilities. Every WAD he's made is incredibly fun to play, so his GZDoom WADs are a shoo-in for this space!

Next up is his Magnum Opus, "The Ultimate Torment & Torture," A nearly complete overhaul of Doom, pushing everything to 11, and making it some of the most fun you can have with the game! Brutal violence, awesome new weapons like the flamethrower, beastly new monsters with great animation and details... it's all here! Plus it's got lots of particles and GZDoom extensions to push the visuals even farther. This pack is awesome, and no Doom fan should miss playing it!

Flames and
                  hallway details
The flamethrower looks awesome, and the map details are incredible!

A nasty
Amazing architecture and intense firefights are around each corner.

Download The Ultimate Torment & Torture now! (67.6MB)
Download The detail enhancement pack for TUTNT! (Recommended, 6.8MB)


Ready for something completely different? How about a survival horror style map for Doom? Enter Tormentor667's remake of e2m3, The Refinery! If you play this with guns blazing, you're going to get slaughtered. It must be played slowly and carefully, hanging on to each bullet and wasting nothing as you progress. At first I was put off, but when I figured this out, I really enjoyed this map a lot. Save often and move slowly, and you'll really enjoy it. Great companion level to my E2M4 Redux map. I think this map has the most amazing architecture I've ever seen in a doom map. It truly is INCREDIBLE, and it uses GZDoom all over the place to great effect.

Screenshots cannot do this map justice. Look at all that 3D floor goodness! Detail is intricate all over the whole map.

Wow. Just wow. You need to see this map to believe it.

Download The Refinery now! (27MB)


I've got a question for you. When is Doom not like Doom? When it is Phocas Island 2 by Chopkinsca! From a technical standpoint, I think this is one of the most amazing GZDoom wads ever built. He did a phenomenal job creating a game that looks, feels and sounds... not like Doom. While the adventure aspect of puzzle hunting carefully through the sprawling levels may not appeal to fans of the twitch shooter on which it is based, anyone willing to give it a chance and slow down the pace will be blown away by what they experience here. The music is understated and effective at creating a nervous mood, and the sound is quite well designed, too. If I had to compare it to another game, I think I'd say it's a lot like Realms of the Haunting, in a very favorable way. I wish I could collaborate with this guy. I bet we could make one awesome game if we pool our respective tallents... his scripting knowhow and level design with my detailed rendering, music and textures... it'd be instant classic! ^_^

Make sure you read the readme file included, and use the hints file included if you get stuck, which may occasionally happen. Give the game some time, though. Try to figure out what you need to do without help. I promise it is satisfying as heck to figure out what to do all on your own!

                  2 level 1
Starting area island interior. You must carefully pick your way to this spot and that tree stump to get your first weapon, the handy axe I'm carrying. It is stuck in the stump, ready to grab.

Phocas 2
The interior of the island, in a dense forest. There are lots of things to do here, and plenty of secrets as well. I love how he did this forest. Minimum of vertexes, but all used to fantastic effect. This game runs well even on modest systems.

Blow your mind! Download Phocas Island 2 by Chopkinsca right now! (6.7MB)

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